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Image for The Cat You Care For: A Manual Of Cat Care

The Cat You Care For: A Manual Of Cat Care

By: AMES, Felicia

Price: $4.75

Publisher: Signet Books: 1968

Seller ID: BOOKS020587I

Binding: paperback

Condition: Mass market paperback. Good- condition/cover rubs/creases/etc

Image for How To Live With A Neurotic Cat

How To Live With A Neurotic Cat

By: BAKER, Stephen

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Warner Books: 1985

Seller ID: BOOKS024304I

Binding: paperback

Condition: Trade paperback/good condition/some cover rub/scuffs/etc

The AKC's World Of The Pure-Bred Dog

By: BARNES, Duncan (Editor)

Price: $46.50

Publisher: New York, Gramercy Publishing: 1983

Seller ID: BOOKS020657I

Binding: hardback

The AKC's World of the Pure-Bred Dog


Price: $18.75

Publisher: New York, Gramercy: 1987

Seller ID: BOOKS026536I

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very good without dustjacket

A Step-by-Step Book About Hamsters

By: BARRIE, Anmarie

Price: $3.75

Publisher: Neptune City, T.F.H.: 1987

Seller ID: BOOKS012042I

Binding: Small trade pb

Condition: Good small trade paperback, price label remnant, bumps, rubs

The Dog For You: America's Most Popular Breeds


Price: $4.75

Publisher: New York, Signet Books: 1980

Seller ID: BOOKS014505I

Binding: paperback

Condition: Mass market paperback/x-lib stamps only/some cover creases

Amateur's Dog Book: A Treatise On The Management, Training and Diseases of Dogs

By: BRUETTE, William A.

Price: $28.25

Publisher: Newburgh, NY, Newburgh Daily News: 1906

Seller ID: BOOKS007429I

Binding: paperback



Price: $4.75

Publisher: New York, Studio/Viking: 1961

Seller ID: BOOKS016983I

Binding: Hardcover

How To Raise And Train A Saint Bernard

By: BUELL, Lillian

Price: $8.75

Publisher: T. F. H.: 1964

Seller ID: BOOKS013976I

Binding: paperback

Condition: Small trade paperback. Very Good+ condition

Housebreak Any Dog

By: CARR, Audrey with Lou Ellen Davis

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Contemporary Books: 1997

Seller ID: BOOKS018166I

Binding: paperback

Condition: Trade paperback. Very Good condition/some cover rubs/etc

The Popular Scottish Terrier

By: CASPERSZ, Dorothy

Price: $18.75

Publisher: New York, Arco Publishing Company: 1962

Seller ID: BOOKS014071I

Binding: hardback

How To Raise And Train A Norwegian Elkhound

By: CRAFTS, Glenna Clark

Price: $6.00

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications: 1973

Seller ID: BOOKS021166I

Binding: paperback

Condition: trade paperback/good condition/some rubbing to covers

The Marine Aquarium Problem Solver: Practical & Expert Advice On Keeping Fish & Invertebrates

By: DAKIN, Nick

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Tetra Press: 2000

Seller ID: BOOKS040908I

Binding: hardback

Condition: hardback/very good/laminated covers

The Complete Collie


Price: $10.75

Publisher: Richmond, Va., Denlinger's: 1952

Seller ID: BOOKS013208I

Binding: Hardcover


By: DI GIACOMO, Kathy & BERGQUIST, Barbara J.

Price: $8.75

Publisher: T.F.H. Publications: 1995

Seller ID: BOOKS027700I

Binding: hardback

Condition: Very Good condition/no dustjacket

How To Get Your Cat To Do What You Want


Price: $6.75

Publisher: Villard Books: 1990

Seller ID: BOOKS030056I

Binding: hardback

Condition: hardback/very good condition in good dustjacket with small tear

Image for How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want

How to Get Your Cat to Do What You Want

By: Eckstein, Warren, And Eckstein, Fay

Price: $6.00

Publisher: New York, Fawcett Crest:

Seller ID: BOOKS037604I

Binding: Mass mkt pb

Understanding Your Cat

By: FOX, Michael W.

Price: $4.00

Publisher: New York, Bantam Books: 1977

Seller ID: BOOKS029181I

Binding: paperback

Condition: mass market paperback/very good condition

The Afghan Hound

By: HALL, W.L.

Price: $11.00

Publisher: New York, Drake Press: 1972

Seller ID: BOOKS023703I

Binding: hardcover

Condition: Very Good condition in Very Good dj with some nicks/chips/etc

Lost And Found: Dogs, Cats and Everyday Heroes At A Country Animal Shelter

By: HESS, Elizabeth

Price: $3.00

Publisher: New York, Harcourt Brace & Co: 1998

Seller ID: BOOKS000406I

Binding: hardback

Condition: hardback very good condition in very good dustjacket