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The Special Theory of Relativity


Price: $49.75

Publisher: London/New York, Oxford University Press: 1959

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS000084I

Clean, tight with spine-head stain spot, edge stamps and cover rubs. Very good reading, reference, research copy. View more info

Combinational Topology - Three Volumes

By: ALEKSANDROV, P.S.; Komm, Horace, translator from Russian

Price: $60.00

Publisher: Rochester, NY, Graylock Press: 1965/1957/1960

Edition: Second

Seller ID: BOOKS018194I

Quite clean, tight; nice binding. English translations of first (1947) Russian edition. Handsome reading, research copies. View more info

Image for Mathematics & Politics

Mathematics & Politics

By: ALKER, Hayward R. Jr.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: MacMillan Company: 1965

Seller ID: BOOKS045120I

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Fundamentals Of Freshman Mathematics


Price: $9.00

Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill Book Company: 1959

Seller ID: BOOKS019619I

Clean and bright interiors/no markups or notes View more info

Selections From Modern Abstract Algebra

By: ANDREE, Richard V.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston: 1962

Edition: 2nd Printing

Seller ID: BOOKS022001I

8vo x-library copy stamps discards/etc. View more info

Selections from Modern Abstract Algebra

By: ANDREE, Richard V.

Price: $6.50

Publisher: New York, Henry Holt: 1958

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS046957I

Serviceable reading copy. View more info

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Matrices

By: AYRES, Frank Jr.

Price: $6.00

Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill: 1962

Edition: Later

Seller ID: BOOKS045059I

Clean, tight. Includes 340 solved problems completely solved in detail. View more info

How to Solve Problems in Qualitative Analysis

By: BABOR, Joseph A., and MACALPINE, J. Kenneth W.

Price: $11.00

Publisher: New York, Thomas Y. Crowell: 1957

Edition: 14th printing

Seller ID: BOOKS045974I

Clean, tight. View more info

Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science

By: BELL, E.T.

Price: $10.75

Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill: 1951

Edition: Later

Seller ID: BOOKS021443I

Very clean, crisp text with cover board bumps, rubs, spine label. Good reading, reference copy. View more info

Studies in Mathematics, Volume IX: A Brief Course in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers (Revised Edition)

By: BELL, Max S., and Others

Price: $20.00

Publisher: N. P., Leland Stanford Junior Univ.: 1963

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS009147I

Good reading, study copy of uncommon title. View more info

Methods of Nonlinear Analysis: Volume I (Vol. 61 in Mathematics in Science and Engineering series)

By: BELLMAN, Richard

Price: $108.00

Publisher: New York, Academic Press: 1970

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS005489I

Crisp, tight with edge stamps. Very good reading, reference, research copy of study of ``a theory of closure of operations." View more info

Perspectives in Nonlinearity: An Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis

By: BERGER, Melvyn, and BERGER, Marion

Price: $22.80

Publisher: New York, W. A. Benjamin: 1968

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS024981I

Clean, tight with edge stamps. Good reading, reference, research copy. View more info

A Primer of Real Functions

By: BOAS, Ralph P.

Price: $10.00

Publisher: New York, John Wiley/Mathematical Assn: 1966

Edition: 4th printing

Seller ID: BOOKS043598I

Clean, tight with edge stamps. Crisp reading, reference copy. No. 13 in series of Carus Mathematical Monographs. View more info

Lectures on the Calculus of Variations

By: BOLZA, Oskar

Price: $29.25

Publisher: New York, Chelsea: N.D.

Edition: Second

Seller ID: BOOKS019943I

Clean, crisp, tight with nice maroon jacket with gilt title on spine. Reprint of classic 1904 text incorporating addenda. View more info

Mathematics of Air and Marine Navigation with Tables


Price: $12.75

Publisher: New York, American Book Company: 1942

Seller ID: BOOKS027768I

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The Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations: An Introduction

By: BRAUER, Fred, and NOHEL, John A.

Price: $24.00

Publisher: New York, W.A. Benjamin: 1969

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS002022I

Clean, tight, crisp with edge stamps. Good reading, research copy. View more info

University Mathematics II

By: BRITTON, Jack R., KRIEGH, R. Ben, & RUTLAND, Leon W.

Price: $19.00

Publisher: San Francisco, W.H. Freeman & Co.: 1965

Edition: 2nd

Seller ID: BOOKS024001I

College level textbook for the intro. to higher level mathematics View more info

The Elements of Analytic Geometry


Price: $30.00

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart: 1937

Seller ID: BOOKS030326I

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Handbook of Probability and Statistics With Tables

By: BURINGTON, Richard Stevens, and MAY, Donald Curtis Jr.

Price: $17.75

Publisher: Sandusky, OH, Handbook Publishers: 1953

Edition: First

Seller ID: BOOKS025743I

Clean, tight in deep maroon, flexi-leather cover; edge stamps. Good reading, reference, research copy. View more info

Finite Graphs and Networks: An Introduction With Applications

By: BUSACKER, Robert G., and SAATY, Thomas L.

Price: $18.75

Publisher: New York, McGraw-Hill: 1965

Edition: 11th

Seller ID: BOOKS021540I

Clean, crisp, tight, uncirculated. Very good reading, research copy. View more info